The History of Parker Builders


Parker Builders is a locally owned and operated construction company that got its start in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area in 1991. Formerly B&R Custom Remodeling, our company has earned its good reputation by providing quality, reliable services across a range of relatable industries. Over the years, many awards have been won as we built a name for ourselves in the ever-growing metropolises of both Dallas, TX & Fort Worth, TX, respectively. As a mature company now, we are proud of the achievements in years past but don’t rely on them. Never resting on our laurels, we are ever-reaching for consistent growth and satisfied customers. Our company has grown by building relationships and retaining the confidence of former clients who have no issue referring us to others. We’ve been a forerunner of the northern stretch of the Metroplex preparing the way for new growth and expansion. Knowing this north Texas corridor and making it our home, we understand the culture of the area and strive to meet the needs of all levels of construction and renovation whether it be room additions, kitchen or bath remodels, metal buildings/barn-dominiums, or foam insulation. With an interior and exterior division and a dedicated, ever-growing crew, there’s not much we won’t tackle.

Our owner, Rod Parker, learned the industry working as a clean-up crew for his dad. Working his way up the ladder through hard work, dedication, and a desire to be the best crew-member, taught Rod many valuable lessons that have served him well in building his own company. His success rests on the shoulders of loyalty and dedication coupled with wise business practices, not being afraid to get in the trenches, and truly caring for his clients. Many people can change out flooring or paint a room, but it takes a true artist and skilled artisan to take a home or building that’s dilapidated and of no value to others, falling down and completely unlivable, and be able to see its potential. Then to have the know-how to put that vision into a blueprint and take it each step of the process towards complete restoration takes a human with tenacity and vision. It takes skill and grit to find solutions for the best possible remedy, many times on the fly. It takes sharpness of mind to run a tight ship so the business as a whole can stay afloat even during the “slow” months. It takes character to face unforeseen issues that can sometimes appear with a job and take appropriate responsibility, with humility, to remedy the issue even when that remedy costs more than the job budget allows. That’s what sets Rod apart from many in the industry. He is a strong leader with vision and insight who isn’t afraid of hard work or difficult situations. In fact, it makes him stronger. He always rises to the occasion in ways many cannot fathom. And through it all, Rod never loses the confidence of his clients and walks away with new friends.


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