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New Construction

Mapping & design, site preparation, material acquisition, and labor coordination are all crucial aspects of a new construction project that our new construction specialists offer as coverage regarding our new construction services in Texas. Our new construction services in Texas are carried out by proven professionals who approach each new construction project with poise, punctuality, and proficiency in equal measures.


A roofing system, regardless of its size, scale, design, or material composition, is an integral part of any property’s construction and continued viability. Whether it’s an asphalt shingle roofing system for a residential property or a commercially-scaled roofing system designed to protect local businesses, it’s essential to ensure the roofing system is not only soundly constructed but safely maintained as well.

Room Additions

Increasing the square footage and livable space for one’s property is an extremely effective way to not only broaden living quarters to accommodate additional denizens but to also substantially improve the monetary value of the property as well. For instance, many ‘starter homes’ aren’t able to sufficiently shelter the burgeoning of a family so homeowners are often left seeking design & construction options concerning room/property additions.


Make the kitchen the hub of your home again by exploring kitchen renovation & kitchen remodeling options through our extensive home improvement coverage here at Parker Builders. Regardless if the kitchen remodel/renovation is aimed at simply modernizing cabinetry, cupboards, & countertops or if the kitchen project is markedly more ambitious and involves revitalization via (re)design, our kitchen services are peerless in terms of quality & consistency.


Considering most residents spend an average of 12-15+ hours per week in their bathroom, it makes precious little sense to utilize a bathroom that lacks comfort, accommodation, and amenities. For instance, many of our bathroom remodeling services and bathroom renovation coverage often consists of us replacing hardware, upgrading amenities (toilet, sink, tub/shower), and ultimately creating a bathroom with a welcoming, yet serviceable, sense of ambiance.

Barndominiums/Metal Buildings/Barns

With a barndominium, you not only get a high level of durability, but your structure will be able to withstand all kinds of weather. Along with fewer upkeep issues, our barndominuims typically come cheaper than standard-style homes, and they take much less time to build. If you want lots of extra space and an eco-friendly living choice, give Parker Builders a call.

“Our owner, Rod Parker, learned the industry working as clean up crew for his dad. Working his way up the ladder through hard work, dedication, and a desire to be the best crew-member, taught Rod many valuable lessons that have served him well building his own company.”

Parker Builders

Why Choose Parker Builders



The short, succinct answer as to why you should choose Parker Builders in lieu of a local contracting competitor can be summed up quite simply as “We’re the best, hands down and through & through.” However, it does beg the question as to the validity, justification, or even a generalized consensus regarding patron support and/or endorsement of our services. In response to that, we’ve simply maintained an unwavering commitment to not only quality-driven services but also in adapting each application of coverage to suit each property on an individualized level.

How we’re able to help local Texas property owners with their many home/property improvement needs can range in both cost & coverage, but the same time-honored quality & consistency we’re renowned for remains absolute in terms of adaptability & application. As such, our broad range of service-based capacities typically includes general contracting coverage, remodeling & renovation services, new construction, and specialized roofing solutions to name but a few. If your specific project involves one or more of the above-listed home improvement options we offer to local Texas residents & property owners alike, we encourage you to explore the depth of our extensive coverage to ensure the likelihood of success pertaining to a chosen property project. Conversely, if your property improvement project involves a service or capacity that is unlisted throughout our website, please feel free to contact us directly regarding coverage. Even if our property improvement expertise is not exactly what your specific project is contingent upon, we can at the very least point you in the right direction through our networking in the local service industry.

"Choosing the right tools for the job, is second only to choosing the right people for the job!"

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